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I want to do more exploring using photography and drawings. Love to take pictures of my food before eating if it looks good, yeah I am one of those people ;)

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Asian Elephant

I was inspired to do a piece on an Asian Elephant after visiting the Thai Elephants Conservation Centre, Khao Yai with a visiting group to the Big Mountain Outdoor Education Centre, the trip details are on this link. I took a lot of pictures of these beautiful creatures and made a study of them to create this doodle.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Tiger

Just going through some of my old drawings in my sketchbook and decided to post this Tiger doodle to show some more examples of how I use lines to create textures. I used several photos of Tigers and decided to go for the front faced portrait which sort of gives him an eagerness or seriousness to his expression. There are less patterns used but I tired using different ways of making marks by using fineliner pens. 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Welcome to Lines and Doodles

Welcome to my new blog Lines and Doodles where I will be featuring my work and to share it online. This was something I wanted to do for quite some time and I've finally got round to it. I thought a new start and a new life in Thailand is a good time to start one. 

My first approach was to submit an illustration for the weekly topic on Illustration Friday, this is a good way to challenge myself and to keep up with a current trend that other illustrators and artist are doing around the world through this website. This weeks topic was "Novelty", please see my previous post for further details. 

My style of work is mainly inks, watercolours and pencils. I use a lot of lines and drawing with accuracy and detail amongst the subject of any piece of illustration I do. I use a lot of patterns and shapes to create a sense of depth too. I just think of any drawing as one big doodle and just hope that the overall affect fits with the drawing. So when I start a piece I do not know how it's going to turn out. I know some artist plan to do things, which of course I do but do not necessarily know how it would look in the end. 

I currently teach Primary Art which is a role that is very new to me, it has surprised me how inspiring working with children is. So I find myself thinking about the projects we are currently working on and thinking of the same topics for my own piece. 

I hope you enjoy my work and follow me for any future illustrations I feature on this blog. 

Monday, 22 September 2014

Illustration Friday - Novelty

I thought I would submit a drawing to Illustration Friday a website I follow quite frequently and this weeks topic is Novelty. The first thing that came to me when I first approached this mini project was the iconic rubber duck. This doodle is not exactly the type of rubber duck that would accompany you well in the bath tube but one which has a new doodle filled twist.