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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

This weeks topic on Illustration Friday is"Punch"

This weeks topic on Illustration Friday is "Punch". I tried something new with this piece by sketching some ideas and looking at Punch and Judy images! Read more into what this puppet show was all about and it weirdly covers domestic violence involving many other characters. Apparently this was suitable for children to watch on the beaches of England from 1662. The aesthetics of these strange puppets interested me and I am trying over come my fear of puppets. 

I started off using copic markers to block in some colour and added some tones. I've used some watercolours in other areas. 

My colour choices are unusually bold but they were fun to use! Punch would definitely stand out from the crowd. 

Next I used Micron fine liners and STAEDTLER coloured pens to add some detail into Punch's clothes. 

I will probably use less bold colours all together in my next doodle. Hopefully he doesn't look too menacing and strike fear into poor Judy's heart. 

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